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The World is Funny (Haolam Mats’hik)

, 2012

Australian Premiere

127 MINS / Hebrew with English subtitles

DIRECTOR — Shemi Zarhin

CAST — Roy Assaf, Gal Friedman, Itzik Golan, Rotem Ziesman-Cohen

AWARDS — Nominated for 15 Ophir Awards (‘Israeli Oscars’), including Best Feature Film

Israel’s number one box office hit – that garnered an unprecedented 15 Ophir Award nominations – finally makes its way to Australia.

After eight years, a young man awakens from a coma, bringing to light a big secret from the past. Meanwhile, Jordana, a travel agent, discovers she is pregnant, although she has been celibate for years. At the same time, Golan, a radio host, decides to revive an Israeli comedy group, HaGashash HaHiver, in order to save his love…

… All these personalities, and many others, come alive through the fertile imaginations of writers participating in a workshop in a public library in Tiberias.

Shemi Zarhin’s The World Is Funny masterfully weaves these multiple and diverse narratives of some 20 or more characters into a cohesive story of one family, one city and one world. Supported by a subtle and highly effective score, this very artful and popular film has made audiences in Israel laugh and cry – sometimes simultaneously.

“Plenty of laugh-out-loud situational comedy… the package is polished…” Variety

SCreened at —

JIFF 2012  Opening Night