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The Cut Off Man (Menatek Ha-maim)

, 2012

With the pace and aura of an Abbas Kiarostami film, Hubel explores how a broken economy can drain the humanity and empathy out of a community.

Using the social protest movement and zeitgeist ofcontemporary Israel, The Cut Off Man (Official Selection Venice Days) is a gentle and understated film exploring universal themes of economic hardship and social disenfranchisement. Renowned actor Moshe Igvy  (The World is Funny, JIFF 2012) is revelatory as Gaby — an everyman trying to do his job and support his family during tough times by working for a privatised water company, cutting off the water supply to people who haven’t paid their bills. Debut feature writer-director, Idan Hubel provides a startlingly resonant glimpse into working class Israeli society.

76 min / Hebrew (English subtitles)
Director — Idan Hubel
Category — Power to the People