Holocaust Film Series

Films about the Holocaust tell universal stories as well as those that are deeply personal. They tap into the very human themes of courage, tragedy identity and hope, often in an attempt to make sense of the incomprehensible.
The Holocaust Film Series not only tells stories of the Holocaust, but also engages in a contemporary conversation about social justice and how the past relates to the present.
The Holocaust Film Series features filmmakers, young and old, from all over the world who continue to explore human experience. In 2014 the series screened 21 feature films and documentaries that were shown for the first time in Australia from: Poland, Italy, Austria, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Serbia, Germany, France, Holland, Israel, Russia, Albania and Hungary. In March 2015 the series will return with over 30 premiere feature films and documentaries.
By presenting these films, the Holocaust Film Series hopes to be part of a tradition of representation and inquiry that over the past 70 years has helped to teach, heal and memorialise.

-Eddie Tamir
Series Director