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Seder-Masochism USA / 2018

“Meshuga… a completely irreverent, hilarious and politically evocative look at the most famous of Jewish holidays.” — The Hollywood Reporter

Loosely following a traditional Passover Seder, events from the Book of Exodus are retold by Moses, Aaron, the Angel of Death, Jesus, and the director’s own father. But there’s another side to this story: that of the Goddess, humankind’s original deity. Seder-Masochism resurrects the Great Mother in a tragic struggle against the forces of Patriarchy.

Profoundly humourous and intellectually challenging, this vibrant and pulsating animation is guaranteed to take audiences on a wholly unique and memorable ride.

78 mins / English, French, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Aramaic (English subtitles)

Director — Nina Paley

Category — Animation

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