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Sobibor Russia / 2018

“The story of Sobibor is not only a Jewish story, but also a story about the best and the worst of us as human beings.” — Michael Edelstein, Moscow State University

Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Sobibór camp uprising, this Russian blockbuster production tells an extraordinary true story of the resistance of the human spirit.

Alongside Chelmno, Belzec, Treblinka, Majdanek and Birkenau, Sobibór was a death camp in German-occupied WW2 Poland. Over the duration of the Holocaust, some 200,000 Jews – mostly from Poland – were transported to Sobibór by rail. 

In 1943, with the odds stacked against them, the prisoners of the camp - led by Alexander Pechersky (played by Russian star Konstantin Khabenskiy) - conspired to organise the impossible: a revolt which resulted in one of the only successful rebellions in the death camps in history.

This dramatic and important story of heroism comes to life in this expansive reminder of defiance and survival.

110 mins / Russian, German, Polish, Yiddish (English subtitles)

Director — Konstantin Khabenskiy

Cast — Konstantin Khabenskiy, Christopher Lambert, Michalina Olszanska, Felice Jankell

Category — Feature