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Süskind Netherlands / 2012

Inspired by actual events, Süskind is “about a hero with dirty hands” who saves thousands of children from the ill fate of labour camps during World War II in the process of protecting his own family.

Walter Süskind is fired from his job, as ordered by the occupiers, but manages to secure a position of responsibility at the Jewish Council in Amsterdam. More important than the income it provides is the protection it offers him and his family from deportation.

One evening, Walter witnesses a Jewish family being torn apart during a check. The parents are delivered to the Hollandsche Schouwburg where all the unfortunate ones are herded. Walter Süskind is responsible for arranging their transportation to Germany for work – at least, that is what he has been told.

A tale of opportunity, risk and the infinite toll of war, Süskind wrestles with the complex moral dilemma of putting the safety of strangers above that of the ones you love.

113 mins / Dutch with English subtitles

Director — Rudolf van den Berg

Cast — Karl Markovics, Tygo Gernandt, Jeroen Spitzenberger, Katja Herbers

Awards — Achieved Golden Film status in The Netherlands for ticket sales totalling over 100,000