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The Accursed Israel / 2014

"Innovative, megalomaniacal, bold, and dizzying in its insightfulness." –  Yediot Aharonot     

From the creator In Treatment, Hagai Levi, comes a TV docudrama series that covers artists and thinkers; writer Pinhas Sadeh, poet Yona Wallach philosopher Moshe Kroy and painter, Aviva Uri. Through their subversive attitudes and experimental work, these figures challenged the status quo. Sadeh, author of Life as a Parable is considered an agitator, not only for his work, but for his controversial lifestyle and personality. Wallach’s sexually liberated, slang-infused poetry cements her as a figure of rebellion and social conscience. Kroy, the admired, rock star-like lecturer and thinker led a tempestuous life in Israel, then Australia. Uri was a pioneer of the abstract-art scene of her time. These Israeli cultural heroes dwelled on the fringes of the mainstream, and fluctuated between genius and madness. The final episode, “Epilogue” reveals this production’s groundbreaking approach to the documentary form and of Hagai Levi himself.

*Screening as a four-part series with a 10-minute intermission.

240 mins / Hebrew (English Subtitles

Director — Hagai Levi

Category — Maggids (Storytellers)