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The Basketball Game Canada / 2012

In 1983, nine-year-old Hart attends Jewish summer camp for the first time. A haven for Hart and other Jewish kids, camp is suddenly disrupted by the announcement of a special visit: kids from a nearby town will be their guests at a cultural mixer. But this is not just any group of visitors—these kids have been taught anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial in school. The night before they arrive, Hart and his friends speculate about what tomorrow will bring. They fear the worst, imagining the visitors might burn the camp down, maybe even try to kill them. Incorporating animation, documentary and personal memoir, The Basketball Game unfolds from filmmaker Hart Snider’s point of view. Snider uses humour and suspense to tell a poignant tale of hope and tolerance in the face of fear and stereotypes.

Screening with: Live or Die in Entebbe

5 mins / English

Director — Hart Snider