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The Birth of Hunter Finkelstein

The Birth of Hunter Finkelstein

Two families rush to the hospital. Tikva is in heavy labour. The baby is coming! The expecting father, a scholarly Orthodox Jew, arrives at the hospital with his parents and some cousins. From other cars out pour every generation, from great-grandparents down to children. They greet each other warmly. There’s a buzz in the air. But later, when a violent feud breaks out between the two families, in the maternity ward, Tikva will stand before them to protect her newborn son.

Funded by the 2018 JIFF Short Film Fund, The Birth of Hunter Finkelstein will screen with all sessions of The Twinning Reaction.

Key Cast —
Tikva - Jana Zvedeniuk
Miriam - Emily Miledge
Moishe Finkelstein - Mitchell Brotz
Nurse - Fluer Dean
Duvid - Harry Axel
Louie - Toby Levy

Supporting Cast—
Sue Rosenwax
Milijana Cancar
Nathan Willoby
Adrienne Sloan
Daniela Meisner
Mark Taylor
Mary Lewin
Amy Pollock
Bob Garbett
Bralen Chatfield
Claudine Dearn
Elisa Gray
Justine Jones
Maia Absberg
Mark Reed
Pearl Taylor
Rosa Leonardi
Phoebe O’Shaughnessy
Kimmy Sternfeld

Writer/Director - Michael Weisler
Producer - Jessica Galea
Cinematographer - Matt Wood
Production Design - Josephine Wagstaff
Prod. Design Assistant - Julia Goldsworthy
Costume Design - Maya Lester
Costume Assistant - Gemma Baker
Camera Operator - Jake Simkin
1st AD - Ang Vogt
Editor /Sound Designer - Michael Weisler
Post Production Manager - Ryan Bird and the incredible team at Monster and Bear

  • Year


  • Director

    Michael Weisler

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