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The Dybbuk (Der Dibek) Poland / 1937

"The most ambitious Yiddish movie of its day." - The Village Voice

Unfolding in Eastern Europe at the end of the 19th century, The Dybbuk revolves around a pair of ill-fated lovers: Khonnon, a penniless but devout student of Jewish mysticism, and Leah, the young woman he adores and is destined to marry. When Leah's greedy father breaks the marriage contract to marry off Leah to a richer man, Khonnon dies instantly. His soul, however, lives on as a dybbuk (evil spirit), entering Leah's body so as to gain possession of her love for all eternity. After various nefarious deeds are revealed, the rabbi, aided by other rabbinical judges, finally succeeds in exorcising the dybbuk, using incantations and rituals, followed by blasts of the shofar. Leah, meanwhile, must confront the choice between marriage to a man for whom she feels nothing or an unworldly union with her dead lover's spirit.

Join us for a very special screening of this seminal Yiddish film on a new digital restoration.

123 mins / Yiddish (English subtitles)

Director — Michal Waszynski