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The Roofer of Birkenau (Der Dachdecker von Birkenau)

The Roofer of Birkenau

A documentary direct from Germany The Roofer of Birkenau depicts the dark sordid past of the Shoah sharply contrasted against startling images of contemporary Germany.

89-year-old Mordechai Ciechanower, the eponymous Roofer of Birkenau, steps back in time to recreate his experiences in multiple Nazi concentration camps, culminating in an unexpected meeting with his father, weeks after being freed.

The humour and positivity radiating from this Holocaust survivor as he interacts with Germans he meets along the way is a testament to his ability to transcend hate and prejudice, remarkable in one subjected to the horrors inflicted by the German state.

  • Year


  • Director

    Johannes Kuhn