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Time To Say Goodbye (Simon sagt Auf Wiedersehen zu seiner Vorhaut) Germany / 2015

“...a clever, entertaining and lighthearted ride that is worth taking.” — Atlanta Jewish Times

Life is tough for 12 year old Simon. He’s approaching puberty, and is being bounced between his newly-divorced parents like a ping-pong ball. To make matters worse, his family is religiously divided: his father is a newly-observant Jew keen to sacrifice a snip of his son’s manhood at his upcoming barmitzvah, while his mother is a liberal [Jew] exhausted by her ex-husbands incessant piety. When a new female Rabbi comes to town, both Simon and his father are enamored, only complicating family dynamics further.

With a charming performance by young star, Maximilian Ehrenreich, Time to Say Goodbye offers a riotous and relatable account of the trials and tribulations of first love and coming of age.

82 mins / German (English subtitles)

Director — Viviane Andereggen