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Up The Wrong Tree (Laradet Me-Ha’et) Israel / 2013

Gathering a raft of nominations at last year’s Ophir Awards (Israel’s Oscars), Up the Wrong Tree is an entertaining and quirky film highlighting the social protest movement and the fracturing of Israeli society.

Adding to his impressive body of work, including Israeli cult classic Total Love (Mashehu Totali), eminent filmmaker Gur Bentvich returns with his first feature film in over a decade. Nitzan (Gal Toren) — a renowned slacker — returns to Israel after spending time abroad in Australia. He immediately sets his sights on winning back the love he dumped when he left, Kessem (Sarah Adler), and the couple’s dog, Zorba. While Nitz fights for Kessem, the community fights to save an old tree from demolition, so that developers can build a car park. Nitz finds himself up the tree — in line with his anti-everything attitude — and although initially focussed on his own romantic pursuits, becomes increasingly invested in those of the community.

93 mins / Hebrew (English subtitles)

Director — Gur Bentvich

Category — Power To The People