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Virtual Reality at JIFF

Virtual Reality at JIFF

In association with Samsung and Steamer, JIFF is thrilled to present an immersive VR experience. Presenting six Israeli films from the Steamer Storytelling Lab, we’re excited to give JIFF audiences a unique opportunity to experience the exciting, futuristic technology of Virtual Reality filmmaking.

JIFF VR will be popping up on the weekend of 5-6 November at the Classic Cinemas, Elsternwick.

Clear as Crystal — Shelly Carmel and Maya Hahn

A woman is taken to a magic show for her 32nd birthday. When she volunteers to participate in the show, unsolved love stories from the past pop up on stage.


Go Ugly Early — Gur Bentwich

The odds of finding true love in a speed dating event are pretty slim. Even more so when you’re extremely judgemental, neurotic and over thirty-five. Nevertheless, Aviva keeps on trying.


Kafka 360 — Tal Goldberg

You wake up as a bug and your parents are not pleased! A bittersweet 360° adaptation of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis.


Offstage — Eldad Eitan

A musical concert in a skatepark. Omri Mor, a musical genius with stunning improvisational abilities, is accompanied by a string quartet to create rhythmical and musical dialogues with professional skaters while they jump, flip and bend gravity.


Once Upon a Sea — Adi Lavy

Once Upon a Sea is a contemporary portrait of the Dead Sea, documenting local residents and the region’s massive ecological disaster.


Tzina — Shirin Anlen

A group of strangers gather daily at the same public space, the dated Water and Fire sculpture at Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv. There they are alone together, partners to a melancholic reminder of past memories.


Avi Does the Holy Land: Jerusalem — Avi Zimmerman

Hi! I'm Avi, a Canadian Jewess who came to Israel on a Birthright trip, and fell in love with the HOLY LAND. Today, join me on tour in Jerusalem.

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