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Voices from the Booth Israel / 2014

Official Selection at Docaviv International Film Festival.

In Israel, you meet them many times a day; at the gates of schools, the entrances to underground parking, shopping malls, the luxurious lobbies of high-tech firms and neglected warehouses. There is a community of guards, about 180,000 people mostly of Russian origin, who work in security booths across Israel. The protagonists in this optimistic, slice-of-life film immigrated to Israel leaving behind lives as intellectuals, musicians, writers and one, as a surgeon. This film gives voice to the lives these individuals gave up and is an exploration of how these members of blue-collar society in Israel have kept their talents, and therefore their spirits, alive. Voices From the Booth explores how creative endeavor can create light in a life otherwise characterised by drudgery and loss.




49 mins / Hebrew, Russian (English Subtitles)

Director — Lina Chaplin

Category — Ingathering (Kibbutz Galuyot)