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Weapons of the Spirit: New 25th Anniversary Edition

Weapons of the Spirit: New 25th Anniversary Edition

“If you wish to learn what more men and women could have done to save Jews, watch Pierre Sauvage’s poignant documentary. It is superb!” – Elie Wiesel, witness, author, Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Celebrating 25 years since its initial release, Weapons of the Spirit tells the story of a huge collaborative effort that saved thousands of Jewish lives. Le Chambon-sur-Lignon was a tiny farming village nestled in the mountains of south-central France, and most of the villagers were descendants of the Huguenots, who themselves had a history of persecution.

The single village, and surrounds, provided shelter to 5000 Jews over the duration of WWII. For four years, the peasants and villagers provided food and refuge to all who sought it, manufacturing a life-saving ‘conspiracy of goodness’. The persistence and unified moral consensus of Le Chambon was rarely seen in WWII, and the film delves into what drove the villagers to create a place of safety and salvation for the Jews.

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    Pierre Sauvage