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Would You Have Sex With an Arab? France, Israel / 2011

A journey to the end of the night through the bars of Tel Aviv and the streets of Jerusalem asks one of two questions of the people the filmmakers meet: “Would you have sex with an Arab?” or “Would you have sex with an Israeli Jew?”

Nightclubs and raves, parties and all-manner of social gatherings play a part in the nocturnal other-world in which this eye-opening documentary seeks out Israelis, Arabs and Israeli Arabs. Boundaries are hopped, guards are let down and, in some cases, impenetratable walls immediately erected when confronted with the question of who they will be going home with at the end of the night.

Equal parts funny, shocking, enlightening and mesmerising, Would you have Sex with an Arab? could be considered a visual ‘Gallup Poll’ of the everyday citizenry of Israel. Their responses are frank, their hearts open and their similarities stark.

“By turning a faceless, unknown enemy into real people with emotions and opinions, Zauberman... suggests harmony and understanding might be possible” Variety

85 mins / French, Hebrew, Arabic with English subtitles

Director — Yolande Zauberman