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Yossi (Ha-Sippur Shel Yossi)

, 2012

Since charting new territory ten years ago with the taboo tale of male Israeli soldiers in love – Yossi and Jagger (2003) – Eytan Fox has emerged as one of Israel’s most prominent and influential filmmakers.

Now he returns to the story that established his career, as well as the actor who so brilliantly brought Yossi to life (Ohad Knoller), with a pitch-perfect sequel that does not require any familiarity with the original film.

Having lost Jagger on the battlefield, Yossi has turned to a medical career in which he leads a perennially sad existence while continuing to keep his sexuality closeted. A chance encounter with a middle-aged woman linked to his past shakes up his otherwise staid routine and sends him on a spontaneous pilgrimage to Eilat. It is on the roads of southern Israel that he reignites the fire of his former self.

Opening Night Feature Film at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

Australian Premiere
86 min / Hebrew with English Subtitles
Director — Eytan Fox
Cast — Lior Ashkenazi, Ohad Knoller, Orly Silbersatz Banai, Oz Zehavi
Awards — Best Narrative Feature Tribeca Film Festival 2012