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90 Minute War (Milhelmet 90 Hadakot) Israel / 2015

A bold satirical comedy, 90 Minute War explores the contemporary Middle East peace process in an entirely new light. After a hundred-year-old conflict, the UN, together with two opposing leaders — the Israeli Prime Minister and the head of the Palestinian Authority — decide that there is only one logical solution to the age-old conflict: a soccer match. The winners get to stay. The losers leave, forever, renouncing any claims over the land. Finally, a solution that will bring an end to all of the dispute and bloodshed. Tackling a serious subject matter with an engagingly entertaining touch, this film was nominated for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Editing at the 2015 Ophir Awards (Israeli Oscars).

85 mins / Arabic, English, Hebrew, Portuguese

Director — Eyal Halfon

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