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Before the Revolution (Lifnei Ha’maafcha) Israel / 2013

The fascinating episode in Iran’s history — illustrated recently by the Academy Award-winning film ARGO — is presented in Before the Revolution through a true and personal account of that same period.

This documentary thriller describes the last days of the luxury and privilege enjoyed by the Israeli community in Tehran on the eve of the Islamic Revolution of 1979. The director, Dan Shadur, uses rare archival footage, family movies and interviews with former diplomats, Mossad agents and businessmen, to reveal the Persian paradise as a breeding ground for corrupt business deals in the thriving oil and weapons trades. This deeply personal film challenges the ‘selective amnesia’ of this clandestine chapter in Israeli/Iranian relations and tells a story of unprecedented social and religious upheaval.

Screening with: Ishihara

60 mins / Hebrew, Persian, French (English subtitles)

Director — Dan Shadhur

Category — Power To The People

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