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Boris Dorfman A Mentsh Germany, Poland / 2015

Shot entirely in Yiddish and set in Lviv, Ukraine, a centre of Jewish life for over 600 years, this German-Polish documentary stars 90-year-old activist Boris Dorfman, the titular mentsh.

Virtually the last person in town still speaking the almost extinct language of Yiddish, Dorfman takes us on an enthralling trip to all the significant places of horror and hope reflecting Jewish history in his homeland.

While remembering the past, he strives to live in the present and endeavours to prepare people for the future. This poignant documentary reveals Dorfman as a true mentsh in every sense of the word!

Screens with Quiet Gold


52 mins / YIDDISH (English Subtitles)

Director — Gabriela & Uwe von Seltmann