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Colette Czech Republic / 2013

Colette is a breathtaking historical drama about the power of love, and about how far people will go to achieve freedom. Based on the novel by renowned literary author Arnošt Lustig, the film draws on Lustig’s own recollection of the camps, including his several escape attempts from the hell of Auschwitz.

The drama tells the story of Vili, who meets the beautiful Colette as he transports clothing to the sorting building. The two form a connection in spite of the dire surrounds.

The Pulitzer Prize nominated author, in cooperation with the film’s writer/director Milan Cieslar, conveys the gripping tale of a man and his bullish determination to escape the horrors of the camps. A film about courage and the power of love under extreme life circumstances.

124 mins / Czech

Director — Milan Cieslar