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End of the Line: Seeshaupt (Endstation Seeshaupt)

End of the Line: Seeshaupt

The documentary End of the Line: Seeshaupt tells the story of the final days of World War Two as a death train departs Dachau sub-camp Muehldorf Mettenheim in April 1945 loaded with 4000 prisoners and sent on a five day odyssey through Bavaria.

Follow chilling eyewitness accounts of this heretofore untold story of one of the most perilous and wretched journeys in human history. This German-produced documentary is the memoir of survivor Louis Sneh, a Hungarian-Jewish teenager in 1945, who was transported by train from a Nazi labour camp to Seeshaupt, the end of the line, where he was liberated by a unit of General Patton’s Third Army. Louis Sneh, who was 17 at the time, chillingly tells of the camp, of the cold freight car, of the incidents at the train stations and of the liberation in Seeshaupt.

This documentary preserves the memory of Holocaust survivors through Sneh’s sometimes halting comments, testimonies, archival clips, and historical images whilst depicting the shocking extent of Nazi crimes and the reality that confronted the German people, as evidence of genocide could no longer be suppressed. Mr. Sneh’s story is full of suspense, surprising revelations, and a hopeful ending, despite the story taking place more than half a century ago.


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  • Director

    Walter Steffen

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