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Fauda [Part 4]

Fauda [Part 4]

As edge-of-your-seat as The Hurt Locker, as thrilling as HomelandFauda will knock you down and sweep you away.

The Israeli Defense Force operates special undercover units in the West Bank and Gaza. The Mista’arvim blend into the Palestinian population, speaking fluent Arabic and carrying out anti-terror operations. When a notorious Hamas operative re-emerges, Doron comes out of retirement to lead a unit in search of the man he believed to be dead.

This tense, gripping show is the biggest Israeli TV series of the year, showing all sides of the conflict from the Israeli soldiers to the Arab civilians caught up in the crossfire. Following in the footsteps of Homeland and In TreatmentFauda is tipped to be the next Israeli series to be remade in America.

Part 4: Episodes 10 -12

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