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For a Woman (Pour Une Femme) France / 2013

“Beautifully crafted historical melodrama” – Hollywood Reporter

Inspired by the director’s own family memoir, For A Woman follows the experience of young novelist Anne, whose curiosity triggers an investigation into her family’s shadowy past. After her mother’s death, Anne discovers old photographs and letters that reveal details about the lives of her parents. The young couple met in a POW camp in WWII, and moved to France to start a life together. Anne is fascinated by their story and researches further into their Jewish history.

As she gradually closes in on the discovery she didn't know she was looking for, her father grows ever more ill, and may take the secret that kept them apart for so long to his grave. In a journey that stretches from post-war France to the 1980s, Anne's destiny intertwines with her father's past until they form a single, unforgettable story.

110 mins / French

Director — Diane Kurys