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The year is 1969 and Gitel Bargman is about to attend a party to celebrate her 33rd birthday - although for her it is hardly cause for celebration. She is racked with guilt for simply being alive.

Attractive, intelligent and witty, Gitel is a successful violinist who lives in a Kuibyshev apartment in the Soviet Union. To outsiders, she seems to have everything. But Gitel is hiding a secret. She's a haunted woman: haunted not only by painful memories of the past, but also by the ghosts of her two sisters who died while she, by a mere quirk of fate, survived. And because she lives in the past, Gitel cannot embrace her future. To love, and to be loved in return, remains an impossible dream.

In flashbacks from 1941 a horrified young Gitel watches helplessly as her parents and sisters are murdered in the extermination camp at Kovno, Lithuania. Since then day Gitel has received visitations from her two dead sisters, Zelde and Chayke.


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    Robert Mullan

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