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If that is so, then I'm a murderer (Dann bin ich ja ein Morder) Austria / 2012

On March 29, 1945, some 60 Jewish slave labourers were shot in Deutsch Schützen, Austria, a town in what is now the Austrian province of Burgenland. One of the suspected murderers is former SS Junior Squad Leader Adolf Storms. Though Storms’ identity was known in 1946 – he was listed in the German telephone book – Austrian authorities never apprehended him. Adolf Storms died in 2010 shortly before the trial against him was opened.

More than six decades after the crime was committed, Walter Manoschek – a Doctor of political science and history and Associate Professor of political science at the University of Vienna – interviews him. Via talks with Storms, Hitler Youth leaders who were involved and Jews who survived the massacre, Manoschek reconstructs the crime and poses questions about forgetting, suppressing the past and about responsibility.

68 mins / German, Hebrew and Romanian (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

Director — Walter Manoschek

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