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In Silence (V Tichu) Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia / 2014

Depicting the fates of five Jewish musicians and performers for whom music alleviated the pain and suffering of the Holocaust, In Silence is an emotionally-charged and inventive feature film. The film draws a sharp contrast between the happy and carefree pre-war lives of the protagonists, Karol Elbert, Alica Flachová–Pastorová, Edith Kraus, Arthur Chitz and Jozef Weiss, and the significant and painful upheaval to their lives following the outbreak of the war.

Initially planned as a documentary film, director Zdeněk Jiráský amassed sufficient material to create an original drama with a strong musical component and a powerful emotional punch.

90 mins / Slovak (English Subtitles)

Director — Zdeněk Jiráský

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