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In the Name of the Father (BESHEM HA'AV בשם האב)

In the Name of the Father

An astounding 300,000 people attended the funeral of Rabbi Schik – a highly revered American ultra-Orthodox Rabbi. Unbeknownst to his followers, Schik was also the leader of a transatlantic crime organization that established an extreme and segregated cult spanning between Brooklyn and Israel.

Over the course of seven years, this documentary follows the story of Rabbi Schik, the Rabbi’s son and two victims who ultimately left the cult. Together, they discover and expose the devastating legacy of the Rabbi and his community. While female members were forced into underage marriages and sustained sexual assaults, the money was flowing into the leader’s own pockets. This corrupt culture prevailed for decades, with no one ever daring to expose the painful truth – until now.

  • Rating

    Unclassified 15+

  • Country


  • Runtime

    90 Mins

  • Director

    Bat Dor Ojalvo

  • Language

    English, Hebrew (English subtitles)

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