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Ladies First (Iluf Hagoreret) Israel / 2013

“A woman must be the best at home, at work, in bed, in the kitchen, with the children... and all this on heels and without food. Tell me, are you nuts?”

Forty-eight women, including comedians, actors, singers, celebrities and stand-up comics gather to tell the filthiest chauvinist jokes they know! But digging deeper, we go beneath the jokes as the women open up to discuss men, sex, relationships, intimacy and humour. Hilarious, revealing and insightful, there is no funnier way to discover what it’s like to be a modern woman in Israel. From filmmaker Riki Shelach, director of the acclaimed Tuviansky (also screening at JIFF 2015).

80 mins / Hebrew (English Subtitles)

Director — Riki Shelach

Category — All The World's A Stage