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Leibowitz: Faith, Country & Man Israel / 2013

“The insights and recollections that come out of these interviews reveal intriguing facets of Leibowitz’s personality that don’t always mesh with his public persona.” — Haaretz

Radical philosopher, furious prophet, brilliant scientist and scathing critic of Israeli politics, Yeshayahu Leibowitz was known for his critical commentary on Israel’s policies in the occupied territories, advocating the separation between religion and state. Twenty years after his death, a new generation of political, social and religious intelligentsia agree that his arguments remain both insightfully prescient and highly provocative. Receiving Special Mention at the 2012 Jerusalem International Film Festival, Leibowitz: Faith, Country, Man features archival footage of Leibowitz and dynamic interviews with his grandchildren and former students, offering a fresh perspective on this extraordinary, leviathan mind.

180 min (3 x 60 min) / Hebrew (English subtitles)

Category — Brilliant Minds