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Longing (Ga'agua) Israel / 2017

“A charming and insightful black comedy.” — The Hollywood Reporter

In this achingly funny and bittersweet tragicomedy, contented and well-off bachelor Ariel’s comfortable life is thrown into disarray when a phone call reveals that he is a father—and has been for nearly two decades.

Winner of the 2017 Jerusalem Film Festival Audience award, Longing explores the corners of the human heart from unique angles. Fuelled by remarkable, rich performances from two of Israel's most accomplished actors, Shai Avivi (One Week and a Day) as Ariel, and Asi Levi (Wedding Doll) as Ronit, Gabizon's film is a deep, moving black comedy that speaks to the yearning in all of us.

103 mins / Hebrew (English subtitles)

Director — Savi Gavison

Cast — Shai Avivi, Assi Levy, Neta Riskin, Yoram Toledano

Category — Feature

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