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Off White Lies (Orhim le-rega) France, Israel / 2011

Family ties are stretched to the limit in Off-White Lies – an award-winning comedy-cum-drama about relationships, choosing your battles and learning who to trust.

After years apart, no-hoper Shaul’s reunion with his tenacious 13 year old daughter, Libi, takes an unexpected detour when a bombing attack by Hezbollah pushes them off the road and into a tricky situation. Forced to seek safety in a nearby bomb shelter where Libi reveals her asthmatic tendencies, Shaul hatches a scheme to start a new life with her through an elaborate hoax: They will pose as refugees in order to get free housing. Like everything else in his life, however, things don’t quite go to Shaul’s plan.

When a few little white lies snowball into something bigger, naïve but untrusting Libi and her wily dad struggle to find both a new home and some common ground.

“Well-judged, consistently underplayed performances, which remain attuned to the characters’ human qualities.” Variety

86 mins / Hebrew with English subtitles

Director — Maya Kenig

Cast — Gur Bentvich, Elya Inbar, Tzahi Grad, Arad Yeni

Awards — Best Actor Jerusalem Film Festival 2011