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Once I Entered a Garden (Nicgnasti Pa'am Lagan)

Once I Entered a Garden

“Weary of cinema’s ability to influence national affairs, [Mograbi’s] movies are much less calls for revolt then wry reflections on the state of things, including his own personal and professional troubles.” — The Hollywood Reporter

A lyrical and historically romantic odyssey, Once I Entered a Garden idealises the harmonious pre-1948 lives of Jews and Arabs in the Middle East. It is a paean to a time long gone that shows the heartbreak experienced by both Jews and Arabs during post-colonial reorganisation. Maverick Israeli filmmaker and documentarian Avi Mograbi (Avenge But One of My Eyes, Z32) takes a cinematic road trip to a place beyond politics. Once I Entered a Garden is largely a conversation between Mograbi and his long-time friend and Arab teacher, Ali Al Azhari.

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  • Director

    Avi Mograbi

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