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One Day After Peace Italy, South Africa / 2011

This award-winning documentary from Erez and Miri Laufer captures a mother’s quest for peace in both the world she lives and in her heart.

Robi Damelin lost her son to a Palestinian sniper’s bullet while he was manning a military checkpoint in the West Bank. After unsuccessful attempts at launching a dialogue with the sniper and his parents, Robi returns to the place she was born, South Africa, to see how, after decades of Apartheid, a nation torn apart by violence and misery found a way to forgive and begin to heal.

Can a person who stole the life of a woman’s child ever truly be forgiven? Is acceptance of responsibility the path to sincere remorse? Is the dialogue between perpetrators and victims the key to ending generations of conflict and hate?

One Day After Peace moves through South Africa, Israel and Palestine – three lands scorched and burned for generations – wondering if reconciliation can ever really be achieved.

“This brave and inspiring film puts the process in a global, historical context that helps us glimpse what might be possible…” Urban Times

86 mins / English

Director — Erez Laufer, Miri Laufer

Awards — Finalist Best Documentary Ophir Awards (‘Israeli Oscars’) 2012