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Operation Sunflower (Mivtza Hamaniya)

Operation Sunflower

This is a thrilling, fictionalised account of how Israel built its nuclear capabilities and its moral implications.

It is the 1960s and Israeli intelligence is nervous. Iran is bringing missiles out of its bunkers. Soon it will be just a "push of the button" away from being able to launch them at Israel. Racing against time, the head of the Mossad and a reluctantly recruited scientist work to create a nuclear option for Israel. Together with France and Germany, they must find a way to protect Israel against its potentially imminent destruction, while facing their own moral qualms about building a bomb capable of unthinkable destruction. A tale of mistrust and paranoia, set in the recent past, that resonates as loudly as ever today.


  • Year


  • Director

    Avraham Kushnir

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