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Peter the 3rd (Peter HaShlishi) Israel / 2015

“…a gem of a comedy about intergenerational friendship and family.” – Amy Kronish


A band of cantankerous Romanian-born retirees spend their days gossiping and complaining at their local café in Tel Aviv. Determined to better his financial situation, Peter, a 65-year-old actor, decides to run for the Israeli parliament in order to be eligible for a parliament member’s pension. Together with Alona, a down-on-her-luck waitress, he sets up the Widows and Widowers Party. This unlikely alliance sends each of them on a personal journey that offers them hope for new beginnings.

Helmed by veteran director, Tommy Lang, this touching meditation on friendship paints a subtle portrait of everyday people sorting out their lives for a better future.

81 mins / Hebrew (English Subtitles)

Director — Tommy Lang