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Sylvia: Tracing Blood

Sylvia: Tracing Blood

“Mossad’s legendary blonde femme fatale” — Jerusalem Post


Sylvia Rafael was born in Cape Town, South Africa, to an Afrikaner mother and a Jewish father—an unlikely beginning for a Mossad agent who came to infiltrate the inner sanctums of Israel’s foremost enemies. Raphael took over from Israeli spy, Eli Cohen, following his public hanging in Damascus in May 1965, defying the Syrian assumption that Israel would never replace him with a woman.

This documentary traces the trajectory of Raphael’s cloaked life; from her involvement in the infamous Lillehammer Affair, to her subsequent imprisonment for espionage. With testimony from friends, family and lovers, director Saxon Logon paints a detailed picture of a mysterious, captivating and alluring woman who formed an integral part of Israel’s secret service.

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    Saxon Logan

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