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Tango Shalom

Tango Shalom

Moshe Yehuda is a Chasidic Rabbi and amateur Hora dancer desperate to save his Hebrew school from bankruptcy. After a chance encounter with a local dance instructor who is also in financial strife, Moshe turns to a televised tango competition as the solution. Grappling with his orthodox religious principles and the challenges of dancing without touching a woman, Moshe consults with a Catholic Priest, Muslim Imam and Sikh holy man for advice. Together they hatch a plan which will surely appease his family and community's objections and win the competition. 

A heartwarming, eclectic and joyous story of dance, passion and community, Tango Shalom is the first film in history produced as a result of a collaboration between The Vatican, a Hasidic Synagogue, a Sikh Temple, and a Mosque! Olé!

  • Special Events
    1. Live Tango Performance
  • Country

    United States

  • Runtime

    115 Mins

  • Director

    Gabriel Bologna

  • Language


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