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The King of Börek Israel / 2018

Mouth-watering and entertaining, The King of Börek follows the rise and fall of the Alkolombris family – Bulgarian bakers that immigrated to the newborn state of Israel with their famous bourekas pastry.

The family enjoyed rapid success, and their bakery in Jaffa soon became a well-known establishment, drawing crowds from all over the country. This led to the first franchised food chain in Israel – Sammy Bourekas & Sons. Run by patriarch Sammy’s two sons and son-in-law, bakeries selling bourekas popped up all over Israel. Money started to flow, accompanied by an extravagant lifestyle and parties with Israeli high-society: politicians, soccer players, actors and models. But as the rival siblings began to clash, jealousy, honour and greed threatened to tear down the family empire.

74 mins / Hebrew, Bulgarian (English subtitles)

Director — Orit Ofir Ronell

Category — Documentary