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The Light of Hope (La llum d'Elna) Spain, Switzerland / 2017

“When there is great suffering, you don't ask questions. You help…”

In the early 1940's, refugees from all over Europe seek shelter in South Western France, escaping persecution from the Nazis and from Franco's regime in Spain. The refugee camps are in a state of disrepair, and Elisabeth Eidenbenz, a young Red Cross nurse, takes it upon herself to breathe new life into an old villa, transforming it into a birth clinic that saves the lives of countless women and children. Despite all hardship, the villa becomes a safe haven resounding with the children's laughter.

But the community is not safe from the outside turmoil: authorities in Nazi-occupied France demand that she hand over all Jewish refugees and their children, while Elisabeth's deputy Victoria sides with the Résistance partisans – an act that puts the lives of the mothers and children in jeopardy.

96 mins / Catalan, German (English subtitles)

Director — Silvia Quer

Category — Feature