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The Physician Germany / 2013

"For those who miss the substance and scope of films like Lawrence of Arabia and The Man Who Would Be King, Philipp Stölzl’s The Physician restores one’s faith in the medium.” – Variety

In 11th-century London, young Christian Rob Cole is dazzled by the skills of a Jewish physician trained by the legendary Avicenna in Persia. But to study at Avicenna’s school, Rob must disguise himself as a Jew. On his epic journey, he will fight religious dogma and make breakthroughs that will form the foundation of human medical science.

Based on the popular novel by Noah Gordon, this adventurous period film features a cast that includes Tom Payne (Inheritance), Stellan Skarsgård (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), Olivier Martinez (Revenge) and Ben Kingsley (House of Sand and Fog), and a sumptuous visual style that beautifully depicts 11th-century England and Persia.


150 mins / English

Director — Phillip Stölzl

Category — Triumph Of The Spirit