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The World is Funny (Haolam Mats’hik) Israel / 2012

Israel’s number one box office hit – that garnered an unprecedented 15 Ophir Award nominations – finally makes its way to Australia.

After eight years, a young man awakens from a coma, bringing to light a big secret from the past. Meanwhile, Jordana, a travel agent, discovers she is pregnant, although she has been celibate for years. At the same time, Golan, a radio host, decides to revive an Israeli comedy group, HaGashash HaHiver, in order to save his love...

... All these personalities, and many others, come alive through the fertile imaginations of writers participating in a workshop in a public library in Tiberias.

Shemi Zarhin’s The World Is Funny masterfully weaves these multiple and diverse narratives of some 20 or more characters into a cohesive story of one family, one city and one world. Supported by a subtle and highly effective score, this very artful and popular film has made audiences in Israel laugh and cry – sometimes simultaneously.

“Plenty of laugh-out-loud situational comedy... the package is polished...” Variety

127 mins / Hebrew with English subtitles

Director — Shemi Zarhin

Cast — Roy Assaf, Gal Friedman, Itzik Golan, Rotem Ziesman-Cohen

Awards — Nominated for 15 Ophir Awards (‘Israeli Oscars’), including Best Feature Film