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Wild West Hebron

Wild West Hebron

Like all classic Westerns, Wild West Hebron is set amidst an unruly and arid landscape, where rogue outlaws challenge social order, and the distinction between heroes and villains is blurred.

This latest offering from independent social activist documentary filmmaker, Nissim Mossek, Wild West Hebron is the recipient of an Honorary Mention award at this year’s Jerusalem Film Festival. In the often-violent area of Mt Hebron, conflicts between Palestinians, Israeli settlers, and human-rights activists may seem clear-cut but the journey of one settler breaks the mould and shatters traditional narratives. Born-again Jew Yochanan Sharet became notorious for his harassment of Palestinians and his clashes with left-wing activist Ezra Nawi. After finding the tables turned — his life, family and farmhouse now being threatened — Yochanan’s only hope turns out to be his former nemesis.

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    Nissem Mossek