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A Man Can Make A Difference

A Man Can Make A Difference

A Man Can Make a Difference is a moving portrait of the last surviving Chief Prosecutor of the watershed Nuremberg Trials, 94-year-old Benjamin Ferencz.

In historic courtroom 600 in Nuremberg, Ferencz relieves his memories of the Allied Trials after 1945. Historic film footage, intimate interviews, statements from leading personalities in the field of international law as well as a camera that follows this restless protagonist around the world in his fight against aggression, render the film an adventurous journey through the life of a remarkable and relentlessly passionate figure. Ferencz recounts the trial in fascinating detail and illustrates the sentiment of the time in Germany directly following the war, painting a total picture of the German death machine that marched across Europe, wreaking death and destruction through systematic mass murder, genocide and vast crimes against humanity.

Ferencz’s thirst for justice propels this documentary as he seeks compensation for victims and attempts to prevent the lessons of Nuremberg from being forgotten in a post-Holocaust landscape where genocide is an all too frequent occurrence, sweeping nations from Bosnia to Rwanda.

"We have to return to law instead of war - or else we will destroy the whole world" the final statement of Benjamin Ferencz at the Nuremberg trials.

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    Ullabritt Horn

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