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Across The Waters (Fuglene over Sundet) Denmark / 2016

"Will touch even the most cynical viewers." - Atlanta Jewish Times

In a gripping story of survival and rescue, a Jewish musician and his family make a frantic escape from Nazi-occupied Denmark. Enjoying the nightlife of 1943 Copenhagen, jazz guitarist Arne is seemingly immune to the hardships of war, as the Danish government opts for a compliant relationship with Nazi Germany. When his terrified wife Miriam hears rumours of the round-up and deportation of Danish Jews, he is initially skeptical, but an overnight raid forces the couple to flee their home with five-year-old son, Jakob. Aided by a church pastor and underground resistance, they set out on a journey for the fishing village of Gilleleje, where refugees await passage to Sweden by boat. Amidst lurking danger from the Gestapo and their collaborators, the family puts its fate in the hands of strangers whose allegiance and motives are not always clear.

94 mins / Danish (English Subtitles)

Director — Nicolo Donato