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Cupcakes (Bananot) France, Israel / 2013

"Sweet, but not fattening... a cast of Israel's brightest stars from the worlds of television, movies and music." - The Jerusalem Post

Eytan Fox, award-winning director of Yossi and Jagger,Walk on Water and Yossi (JIFF 2012) celebrates the excitement of Eurovision in a feel-good, romantic, sugar-coated romp with music by Babydaddy of glam band Scissor Sisters.A group of friends in Tel Aviv — who are all themselves real-life Israeli divas, actresses and pin-up models — struggle with existential and relationship crises in their lives. After learning of Anat’s (Anat Waxman) marriage breakdown, they write a song to cheer her up. Little do they know that this amateur-grade song will become Israel’s entry into a Eurovision-esque international competition.

90 mins / Hebrew, French (English subtitles)

Director — Eytan Fox

Category — All The World's A Stage