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Epilogue Israel / 2012

Debut filmmaker Amir Manor constructs a pointed chamber piece about old-age presented over the course of one very grim day in Tel Aviv.

An octagenarian couple, Hayuta (Rivka Gur) and Berl (Yosef Carmon), find it hard to adjust to today’s Israel and the social changes surrounding them. After years of toiling, the two refuse to let go of their communal dreams, as well as their revolutionary plans to build a welfare state. They leave their apartment for one last journey after a particularly painful night of disillusionment where they are forced to concede, “we’re irrelevant.”

This tightly wound story gets visually simulated through superb camerawork that progresses from faded milkiness to yellow hues in showing how age renders people almost invisible. The film also utilises the decadence of Israel’s moral fabric to highlight universally relevant themes affecting all families, regardless of place or circumstance.

“ Not only a sad and desolate social phenomenon, but a touching, poetical one as well.” Screen Daily

96 mins / Hebrew with English subtitles

Director — Amir Manor

Cast — Yosef Carmon, Rivka Gur

Awards — Winner of the Haggiag Award Jerusalem Film Festival 2012 Best Actor and Best Actress Jerusalem Film Festival 2012