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Grain Of Truth (Ziarno Prawdy) Poland / 2015

“A tense and cleverly constructed dark thriller” — FilmNews.co.uk

Sandomierz is a picturesque town in contemporary southeastern Poland, whose peaceful idyll is shattered by the discovery of a murdered woman outside an old synagogue. Big shot prosecutor, Teodor Szacki, is called in to investigate the case and it takes some time for the out-of-towner to familiarise himself with the local landscape. Aided by a veteran police detective, a reluctant female prosecutor and local rabbi, Teodor must unravel the painful tangle of Polish-Jewish relations and solve the enigmatic case while facing a rising tide of public and media hysteria. A stylish genre film adapted from Zygmunt Miloszewski’s best-selling crime novel, Entanglement.


111 mins / Polish (English subtitles)

Director — Borys Lankosz