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Present Continuous (Ha’chaim Beynataim) Israel / 2012

During the 2002 Palestinian uprising, Ruti locks her house to the outside. Her family wakes up to a claustrophobic prison for an intimate and difficult weekend.

A suicide bombing at a nearby market on Shabbat* pushes Ruti (Hagit Dasberg) to lock up her family — husband Joel (Eyal Nachmias), son Ofer (Matan Preminger) and daughter Noa (Tamar Preminger) — inside their Jerusalem apartment after Ofer is called to his unit in the wake of the attack. Cut off from communication with the outside world, the incarceration forces them to confront family secrets, as well as exposing their true selves amid the paralysis and despair of life in Jerusalem during the Intifada*. Present Continuous is an enthralling drama that explores the crazy reality of living in Israel — the thin veneer of coping with it all — and balancing peace with security.

100 mins / Hebrew (English subtitles)

Director — Aner Preminger

Category — Hamatzav (The Situation)